This magnificent private estate is located in the heartland of Castile, just 45 minutes’ drive from Madrid, in the natural park of the Tierras del Tajo. Here, both dryland and irrigated land coexist, giving rise to a landscape of contrasts. The hosts and our team are committed to doing their utmost to make you feel at home at all times.

One of Spain's most exclusive private estates, both in terms of its amenities and its proximity, as it lies just 45 minutes fromMadrid. Set within a spectacular natural environment, it is the perfect place for those companies who want to spend a day working off-site in the countryside, as its closeness to the capital means it is easy to return the same day.

Located in the midst of the Alto Taj oNatural Park, the estate is set in400 hectaresof Mediterranean forest. The main house covers 2,800 m2– more than enough space to guarantee any event is successful.

Likewise, the house is surrounded by spacious gardens where any kind of outdoor activities can be carried out.

This Estate is the perfect location for corporate events - management committees, closed-door meetings, shareholders' meetings, etc.  It is a place to work hard and effectively, and a paradise for relaxing.


LOCATION: In the natural park of the Tierras del Tajo, a 45 minute drive fromMadrid. Perfect for companies looking to organise an off-site event, such as a working day in the countryside, without having to travel very far.

AMENITIES: Meeting room with views of the countryside, including a screen and projector. Various lounges, Wi-Fi, etc.

ACTIVITIES: Hiking, picnic lunches, team building events, management committees, business meetings, training courses, hot air ballooning.

OF MOST "EXCELLENCE": Its proximity to Madrid, the comfort and elegance of its amenities.