This magnificent estate, lying only50 kmfromMadrid, is located in the middle of some100,000 hectaresof woodland and pastureland, most of which is covered with oak and juniper trees. The house, which is completely private, is built out of the finest wood and granite and has huge windows that offer spectacular views of the estate and the towers ofMadridin the background. Its style and decorative motifs, many of them fromIndonesia, will remind you of a chic pagoda inBali.

The estate is made up of woodland and pastureland, most of which is covered with oak and juniper trees. On the banks of the Hoyones river there are ash trees, white poplar trees, some hawthorn trees and a local variety of olive tree. These plants dye the grey autumn gold and burgundy. There are also rockrose and broom bushes. A land of aromas: lavender, marjoram, cotton lavender, rosemary, gorse and rue. When it rains, the countryside becomes a symphony of powerful and clean smells.

The Hoyones river flows into a reservoir that dates back to Roman times. You can still see the remains of the medieval dam and the ruins of the mill that ground the local cereals. In 1970 the upstream dam was rebuilt, and the river now supplies the estate with water, which, with solar panels, is used for irrigation.

The house has two separate but connected buildings. The old house contains the library, a living room and an office, and connects to the building that was added later. In 1904 the original construction, with a view to controlling fires, was built out of granite and cob and placed on a hill. This means it has spectacular panoramic views: a sea of oak trees as far as the eye can see, withMadrid’s four sky-scrapers in the distance.

Its current owners have carefully created a garden, a swimming pool, a store-hut, a motorcycle shed, a greenhouse, a vegetable garden, a winery, a vineyard and olive groves. Each expansion project has been imbued with their passion and enthusiasm.

The house is decorated with 17th century French family antiquities and unique pieces of furniture fromIndonesia. Readers can enjoy the treasures in the library, where we can find history books, classical French and Spanish literature, botany books and travel books.

The large fireplace that dominates the living room is a replica of the old French country house fireplaces from the 18th century and it was built from a wooden beam from a 15th century convent inToledo. The 15th century Manchegan panelled doors have been restored with great attention and the pine kitchen doors came from an 18th century cellar.


LOCATION: Chapinería, Madrid. 50 km from the capital or 45 minutes by car.

AMENITIES: 3 bedrooms – one a large suite with en-suite bathroom and evokes a feeling of a chic pagoda inBali. The second bedroom is a double with an en-suite bathroom. The third bedroom has two beds. There are several spacious lounges, a dining room, and a library. There is also a garden, a swimming pool, a veranda, a gazebo, a Turkish sauna, and Wi-Fi throughout.

ACTIVITIES: Product presentations (ideal for cars), open days, family days, team building events, corporate events and meetings, country walks, driving in a Range Rover with driver, visits to wineries, a Turkish bath and culinary experiences.

OF MOST "EXCELLENCE": The proximity or Madrid, at only 50 km.