At Events of Excellence we present you something "unique". It is the result of a great effort throughout a lifetime of professionals dedicating body and soul to their horses. The elegance Andalusia horse (Spanish Pure Breed) maintains when dancing, is not comparable with anything that can resemble it. Pure Spanish Breed trained to work the bulls in the field, will show us all the skill of the Spanish reining.

Half rounds, turns, harnessing and tuning, stopping… Equestrian techniques that remark the beautiful communion of man and horse. Should the equestrian exhibition take place between lunch or dinner, or while you enjoying your particular and professional Spanish ham cutter and a glass of good Spanish wine… Your company or private event will be sealed in an unforgettable way.

The ideal complement to the horse's compass is, no doubt, a live flamenco guitar accompanied by the vision of the oak trees and the art of a flamenco dancer.