The Andalusian Space is a multipurpose space which speaks of authentic traditional Spanish style and it has born witness to some of the best flamenco performances over the years. This is a private and spacious house, which is located in the old part of the El Viso neighbourhood, one of the most exclusive areas inMadrid. If you wish, the venue can surprise guests with an exclusive flamenco performance.

Entering the Andalusian Space is like entering a Spanish house bursting with flamenco culture. However, is not touristic and where bullfighting is on the walls, but no bulls are hurt. This is a private house in the heart ofMadridthat transports us to the typical Andalusian stages. Upon entering, there is an elegant lounge which is ready to receive guests. Further on, in the main room, there is a flamenco stage - where some of the most distinguished figures of this art have performed.

In addition, the space has a large garden where you can host outdoor dinners, cocktails, receptions or any type of outdoor event. Today, large fashion brands such as Valentino or Missoni, companies such as Iberdrola or individuals, hold their events here.

The Andalusian space specialises in organising and executing all kinds of corporate, social and cultural events. Its location and facilities offer all kinds of possibilities, much, much more than only a flamenco stage.



El Viso neighbourhood (Madrid)


An entrance hall where welcome cocktails are served, a main lounge, a flamenco stage and a garden.


- Banquet: 120 poeple. Cocktail: 190 people.

OF MOST "EXCELLENCE": Flamenco shows and the true flair of an authentic Andalusian stage.

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