This private house is one of the most spectacular country lodges inSpain, and is located near Aranjuez, which is only a 30-minute drive fromMadrid. Spacious lounges and spectacular outdoor spaces, this estate is perfect for any company looking to spend a day working in the countryside and surrounded by nature but without having to travel too far. 

This magnificent country lodge is set in a spectacular private estate in the district of Aranjuez, which has been one of the Royal Crown Sites of Spain ever since Felipe II named this city after him in 1560. It is one of the most attractive spaces for corporate events and is just 30 minutes by car from the capital city.

The estate is stunning, and is surrounded by the Carrizal de Villamejor, the Regajal-Mar de Ontígola and the Parque del Sureste - three protected nature reserves. The landscape is made up of ridges and rounded hills that spring from the folds and collapses of the land  - caused by water erosion from theTagusand Jarama rivers.

One of the prerequisites when building the private house was to only use traditional materials. The result is a building consisting of several lounges, high ceilings with impressive wooden beams and a spectacular veranda. The unique character of the house is accentuated by its large windows and small slits in the walls which allow natural light to enter everywhere. This country lodge is the perfect place for companies that wish to organise a working day out of the office and away from the big city, but where a long journey is not necessary.


LOCATION: Aranjuez (Community ofMadrid). 30 minutes fromMadridby motorway.

AMENITIES: Accommodation is available nearby (in Aranjuez). Excellent service and catering. Several meeting rooms, veranda and ample space outside where any kind of event can be organised. 

ACTIVITIES: Company meetings, any kind of event and activity can be organised outside, such as team building days, kick off meetings, car presentations, excursions and walks in the countryside, cultural visits to Aranjuez city, etc.

OF MOST "EXCELLENCE": Close to Madrid and its bright rooms for events.