This gem of a private estate is nature personified. Set in rolling terrain with lush holm oak, dwarf oak and esparto grass, it is easy to forget that you are only 45 km from the capital, Madrid. It is very close to the emblematic city ofChinchón, where you can soak up the medieval atmosphere of its main square, its magnificent streets and allies and the high-quality accommodation.

The private house, which is situated in the centre of the estate and has spectacular views of the mountains, is the perfect place for any type of corporate event. It is only a short distance from Madrid, in fact 30 minutes by car, and this means it is accessible for any company looking to organise a working day in the countryside.

The house has two independent outhouses and blends rustic and modern decoration. It is finished superbly and inside there is a large lounge and a fully equipped meeting room. Its spectacular veranda is excellent for organizing meetings outdoors, and in a perfect setting to hold a different kind of event - both rustic and sophisticated.

Its large garden, with its abundant greenery and shady trees, is ideal for any type of outdoor event. With good weather, your outdoor lunches and dinners, offering incomparable views of the estate are the perfect way to end a productive day’s work.


LOCATION: Chinchón, Province of Madrid, Spain. 45 km away from Madrid by car.

AMENITIES: Accommodation is available in Chinchón. Excellent service and catering, 2 fully independent outhouses, fully equipped meeting room, lounge, veranda and garden.

ACTIVITIES: Company meetings, Board of Directors meetings, shareholders' meetings, kick off meetings, team building days, car presentations, walks in the countryside, picnics in the style of "Memories of Africa", etc.

OF MOST "EXCELLENCE": Madrid is so close, outdoors eating with views.

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