Just 5 minutes from Moncloa, with a wonderful garden with large capacity for events and an interior that takes care of the details, this house is perfect for those who want to make a special and different event.

The house is located closest neighborhood to central Madrid, just 5 minutes from Moncloa. It has ample parking space. Located on a 9000m2 garden plot, listed as the only private landscaping garden in Madrid with more than a century. It consists of two large areas for events.



5 minutes from Moncloa.



- The house is on a 9000m2 garden plot and everything can be used.
- The garden is listed as the only private landscaping garden in Madrid and is more than a century old.
- The garden consists of a dining area with space for more than 12 tables of 10 people, pool type pool, old rose garden, tennis court and trees of 20 meters old.
- in another area of the garden, long tables can be set up to sit up to 300 people
- Cocktail type, the garden is unlimited: it can accommodate up to a thousand people, space for dance floor, tent etc.


- It has a very spectacular entrance hall with works by contemporary artists of the moment. It is a collection that is seen throughout the house.
-The hall gives access to a diaphanous room of 200 meters2 with space, seated, up to 40 people,. The living room is decorated with art, sculpture and furniture from the 40, 50, 60 Italian and Nordic and Belgian sofas with upholstery by Joseh Frank of the 50’s.
- In cocktail format, fit 100 people.
- Kitchen: it is huge, with two ovens, island and table from s.18 with capacity for 12 people and views with large glass to the garden.

OF MOST "EXCELLENCE": Its location just 5 minutes from Moncloa, the garden and the spaces of the house.